After four decades of delivering customer satisfaction, CDF National has an impressive and valued clientele across many sectors including health, food, dairy, retail, government and education. In a competitive service industry, this is achieved only by commitment to quality and service.

CDF National has an experienced team of estimators who work closely with clients to arrive at an accurate budget, which will generally include various cost options to suit requirements. Of course, this is only possible after an extensive site survey to ascertain the condition of existing surface coatings and the type of coating required to ensure maximum surface protection and enhancement.

A quote from CDF National includes detailed substrate coating specifications developed in consultation with paint manufacturers.

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Our Clients Wrote . . .

"The Owners of Units at many of our Client Body Corporate Complexes have found that the spread payment option for dealing with maintenance of exterior surfaces of their buildings offered by CDF National is more attractive than one time payments every 7 years or so. For ourselves, as Administrators of those Complexes, we have found the CDF National team in Christchurch to be both efficient and pleasant to deal with."
Pitcaithly Body Corporate Services Ltd

"CDF National is a very professional company. Total professionalism from how the painters are presented in dress, conduct on site and performance on the job. The exterior painting programme has worked extremely well during a busy school term, with the onsite supervision and communication being fantastic. Comments from staff and students and visitors have all been very positive, the school is looking pristine."
Sandra Martin, Executive Officer, Hornby High School

"We have found their management skills and business integrity to be excellent. Their quality of work and attention to detail from their tradespeople is of a very high calibre."
Geoff Edwards, Key Account Manager, Resene