CDF National offers a wide range of building and maintenance services to the commercial and educational sectors:

  1. Painting/decorating
  2. Waterproofing
  3. Wallpapering/wall coverings
  4. Floor coatings
  5. Maintenance/building repairs
  6. Roof coatings
  1. Industrial & protective coatings
  2. Spray painting
  3. Paint maintenance programmes
  4. Pressure cleaning
  5. Specialised access equipment
  6. Textured coatings
CDF National

Up On The Roof . . .

Roof painting can be challenging work. Not only is a wide range of materials used in roofing today, but many roofing situations can be very difficult to access (let alone prepare and paint!).

This is why CDF National has a dedicated roof painting team with the knowledge, expertise and some very specialised access equipment to efficiently recoat any commercial or residential roof — metal or tile.

Having a specialist roof team is just one more example of the level of commitment CDF National displays in all phases of its operations.

CDF National

Water Blasting

CDF National recognises the importance of effective water blasting in the process of preparing surfaces for painting. The company was one of the first in the industry to equip itself with a dedicated pressure cleaning vehicle.

This has enabled the provision of water blasting, steam cleaning, moss killing and chemical cleaning services — and it means the company can even supply the water!

Abrasive Blasting

Industrial painting projects often call for the removal of rust or excessive paint build-up prior to painting. Whether it is a silo, a tank or a bridge, CDF National has the equipment, the expertise and the experience to efficiently prepare all surfaces for repainting.