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Corporate Re-Imaging - Mastering The Logistics

When a large company changes its name or other elements of its identity, the process needs to be implemented quickly to avoid confusion among customers, suppliers and the general public.

One of the most important tasks in a re-imaging programme — and perhaps the most logistically challenging — is the repainting of premises; this often involves completely changing the colour of possibly dozens of buildings around the country.

CDF National has a background of outstanding performance in this regard. To accomplish such a project successfully involves:

  1. Ensuring sufficient staff, materials and, possibly, subcontractors are available at multiple sites within a given timeframe
  2. Ensuring all staff, equipment and vehicles meet a high standard of presentation.

CDF National is able to meet these requirements and in doing so has transformed the appearance of many high-rises, warehouses, factories, apartment buildings, hospitals, rest homes, motels, office blocks and supermarkets.
CDF National CDF National

Other Sectors

As well as being a leader in the Commercial and Education markets, CDF National carries out work in a number of other sectors. No matter what type of painting or specialist coating work you require don’t hesitate to ask. If we don’t already do it we’ll obtain the necessary skills and resources to deliver a top quality finish in any situation.

Body Corporate

It can often be a difficult process for a Body Corporate committee to decide how to proceed with painting. There are usually many individuals involved, all of whom may have differing views. CDF National works closely with a number of Body Corporate Managers and committees to ensure results which please all interested parties and protect their investment.

Character and Historical Buildings

It is especially important to be sure the right protection and maintenance is used on character or historical buildings to preserve their unique character and charm. CDF National has a wealth of experience in repainting such buildings and also protecting and maintaining them with their Paint Care programme.